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Our Services

Business Scope
  • Design Planning
  • Design Direction
  • Design Supervision
  • Construction Management
  • Design Consultation
  • Art Direction
  • Design Production
  • Coordination
  • Research
Areas of Expertise
Design of Public Spaces
Public Facilities:Museums, science halls, aquariums, zoos and public spaces
Commercial Facilities:Department stores, high-volume stores, supermarkets, commercial buildings, shops and window displays
Local Development:Urban development, resort development, theme parks, leisure facilities and hotels
Environmental Projects:Street furniture, public display projects and scenic spots

Event Design
Public Events:Fairs, shows, ceremonies, conventions and seminars
Corporate Events:Exhibitions, fairs, trade fairs and in-store events

Communication Design
Information Planning:Visual merchandising, C.V., audiovisual software, development of information devices, data services and publications